Why Choose Us

SuPower has designed, developed, and manufactured high-quality, reliable, custom battery packs and chargers not only optimize performance, but meet the requirements of OEM partners. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of lithium-ion battery systems for different applications, with our technical expertise and chemistry knowledge it assures the safest and best match for your application.

Core Tech

Working to demonstrate industry standards for Lithium Battery Pack cycling stability, run times, and energy density with our unique technology.


Focus on OEM batteries for Medical and Industrial markets

Quality Control

Use the ISO standard to develop the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

24 Hours

Average response time is 24 hours for every inquiry. Knowledge, experience, and best partnership!

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Our Commitment

Serving all critical electronic markets and applications, focus on Lithium Ion battery design and manufacturing, attentive to customer and market needs. Dedicated to strict quality processes and controls, providing optimized battery solutions.

Customize Protection Circuit

High precision and reliability resistors and chips, circuit board performance is reliable and stable.  

Cell Sorting

Ensure the consistency of each single cell for the whole battery set, extend battery pack cycle life.  

Battery Welding

Professional spot welding, pure nickel connecting plate, good conductivity and no rust.  
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