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SuPower Electronics Co., Ltd established in Shanghai China since 2006, SuPower Electronics Co., Ltd with over 10 years’ experience in provide battery service to worldwide.


We custom battery packs, BMS and chargers in a range of chemistries and configurations to meet request performance and size requirements. Our expert engineering team has designed and built custom battery packs with the simplest requirements to those with highly complex specifications, will work with you to develop custom battery pack and do assembling for different application. Whether the custom battery pack assembly is a smart or a basic design, has low or high capacity specifications, in low or high production volumes, we can provide custom battery assemblies and solutions that are right for your applications.

Battery Assembling and Replacment

The battery manufacturing market is highly competitive. Producers are facing a number of difficulties in their quest of delivering the optimal battery solution. The difference in quality and cycle life can vary significantly between the best and the worst cells, so as the prices. Using brand new qulified battery cells from the same batch with stable assembling process will therefore increase the overall quality and performance of battery solutions in demanding applications. When your old battery with life expired, we could do the same spec. or higher rating spec battery for your device. 100% compatible and better performance.

Production capability

We occupy over 3000 square meters manufacturing facilities and employ over 100 staffs, with professional testing and manufacturing equipments, daily production over 2000pcs and gain fast lead time for customer’s needs, we do battery shelving test before shipment to meet logistics demand and gurranty battery safty.


The quick increase of portable apps proffers vast areas that utilize our battery systems. Our battery systems are applied and used for several types of equipment. These range from small portable devices, high drain cordless tools, medical, electric bikes, cleaning systems, gardening tools, robot, drones, embedded technology and electric trolleysto sound technologies.

We are here to support you with all battery specification guidelines and solutions. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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