SP-L3S12P  12V  40Ah 15A Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Standard Battery Pack Li-ion

12V  /  40.8Ah / 489.6Wh

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Electrical Parameters
Standard Capacity 40.8Ah
Standard Voltage 12V
Operating Voltage 8.25V~12.6V
Max. Charge Current 8A
Max. Charge Voltage 12.6±0.05V
Max. Discharge Current 15A
Off Discharge Voltage 8.25V
Cycle Life (500 Times) >32.64Ah
Charging Method CC-CV
Size 115*115*75(mm)±0.5
Weight 1.7kg±0.1
Operating Temperature -20~45℃
Storage Temperature -20~35℃
Protection Circuit
Protection Circuit Board equipped
Over Charge Protection 12.75±0.025V / 0.5S-1.5S
Over Discharge Protection 7.5±0.062V / 10mS—150mS
Exterior short circuit Cut load / 200-500us
Output Connector
Charge / Discharge Connector Can be customized
Suitable for back up power, electronics, industrial and solar engery etc.

Recommended Accessories

Type Model

Standard battery charger for optimized charging process

Customized output connector and Optional wall socket

Built-in cooling fan


Lithium Battery Charger

12.6V  /  8A