SP-L3S2P  11.1V 4400mAh Max. 2A Lithium Battery Pack

Standard Battery Pack Li-ion

11.1V  /  4400mAh / 48.84Wh

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Electrical Parameters
Standard Capacity 4.4Ah
Standard Voltage 11.1V
Battery Resistance (whole pack) ≤50mΩ
Max. Charge Current 2A
Max. Charge Voltage 12.6±0.05V
Max. Discharge Current 2A
Off Discharge Voltage 8.25V
Cycle Life (500 Times) >3.52Ah
Charging Method CC-CV
Size 68*57*38(mm)±0.5
Weight 275g±0.5
Operating Temperature -20~45℃
Storage Temperature -20~35℃
Protection Circuit
Protection Circuit Board equipped
Over Charge Protection 12.75±0.025V / 0.5S-1.5S
Over Discharge Protection 7.5±0.062V / 10mS—150mS
Exterior short circuit Cut load / 200-500us
Output Connector
Charge / Discharge Connector Can be customized
Suitable for industrial and medical devices, etc

Recommended Accessories

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Standard battery charger for optimized charging process

DC5.5#2.1 with wall socket


Lithium Battery Charger

12.6V  /  1A