SP-BMS5S  18V  21V  30A / 45A / 60A Lithium BMS

Lithium Battery Management System

30A  /  45A  /  60A  Series

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Electrical Parameters
Over-charged Protection 4.25V
Over-discharge Protection 2.75V
Over-Current Protection Loading Disconnect
Temperature protection Optional
Resistance Protection circuitry (MOSFET) ≤20mΩ
Consumption 80 ua
Starting voltage for balancing 4.16V
Discharge Current Optional 30A / 45A / 60A
Operating Temperature -10~+65℃
Size L 102* W 53 * T 8 (mm)±0.5
Weight 90g±0.5
Storage Temperature Range -10~+65℃
Charge Current Withstand 20A (whole pack)
Start from B- to Battery balance wires, final Battery output B + & P- for Charge / Discharge
Suitable for ebike, escooter, drone, back up power, high drain electronic application etc.

Recommended Accessories

Type Model
Standard battery charger for optimized charging process

DC5.5#2.1 with wall socket


Lithium Battery Charger

21V  /  2A