3.7V 3500mAh 8A INR18650-35E Rechargeable High Drain Battery Cell

Standard Battery Pack Li-ion

3.7V  /  3500mAh / 8A

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Electrical Parameters
Standard Capacity 3.5Ah
Standard Voltage 3.7V
Battery Resistance ≤20mΩ
Standard Charge Current 2A
Max. Charge Voltage 4.2±0.05V
Max. Discharge Current 8A
Off Discharge Voltage 2.75V
Cycle Life (500 Times) >2.8Ah
Charging Method CC-CV
Size 65*18(mm)±0.5
Weight 46g±0.5
Operating Temperature -10~45℃
Storage Temperature -20~45℃
Charge Performance
Charging Method CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)
Charging Time Standard charge: 4hours
Max. Charge Current 2,000mA (not for cycle life)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.65V
Discharge Performance
Max. Discharge Current 8,000mA (for continuous discharge)
13,000mA (not for continuous discharge)
Suitable for industrial and high drain application, such as Power Tool, eBike, R/C Hobby, drones, robot etc.