SP-BMS8S  29V  30V  80A / 100A / 150A Lithium BMS

Lithium Battery Management System

80A  /  100A  /  150A  Series

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Electrical Parameters
Over-charged Protection 4.25V
Over-discharge Protection 2.75V
Over-Current Protection Loading Disconnect
Temperature protection Optional
Resistance Protection circuitry (MOSFET) ≤40mΩ
Consumption 85 ua
Starting voltage for balancing 4.16V
Discharge Current Optional 80A / 100A / 150A
Operating Temperature -10~+65℃
Size L 200* W 110 * T 20 (mm) ±0.5
Weight 120g±0.5
Storage Temperature Range -10~+65℃
Charge Current Withstand 20A (whole pack)
Start from B- to Battery balance wires, final Battery output B + & P- for Charge / Discharge
Suitable for ebike, escooter, drone, back up power, high drain electronic application etc.

Recommended Accessories

Type Model
Standard battery charger for optimized charging process

Customized output connector and Optional wall socket

Built-in cooling fan


Lithium Battery Charger

33.6V  /  4A